With a name derived from Deuteranopia, a type of colorblindness, Deuteran Films symbolizes the vast world of possibility that opens up when one dares to follow a passion. Matt is colorblind, and he makes films for a living because he worked towards a dream. Follow your passion and make your dreams as real as he is making his! Maybe let us help you with that?


Deuteran Films founder, Matt Brewer

Deuteran Films founder, Matt Brewer







Deuteran is currently based in Flagstaff, Arizona and at present, consists of me, Matt Brewer. I have years of experience in live audio and video production, performance theatre, and short film production, all of which can be used to help create your story or sell your business with a polished, professional video. I work with a conglomerate of talented university students with backgrounds in theatre, film, event lighting, live sound production, and photography, all of whom have years of both schooling and real world experience backing their work, some of which you’ll find here on the site.

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Interested in working with me? Send me a message through the contact page and we’ll talk. I’m always looking for fellow filmmakers who share the same ideals!