Our prices are extremely competitive, and at the moment are still being fine-tuned to best fit the Flagstaff environment. As such, we will be operating on a case-by-case basis until a groundwork can be set up for standard pricing, meaning that you have a fantastic opportunity to get the product you want for the price you want!


The Skinny

Often, you will find production companies like Deuteran charging outrageous prices for their services. For them, this is often practical, as the cost of video equipment is equally astronomical and from a business standpoint, they need to start paying off some debts. What’s different about Deuteran, though, is that we aren’t approaching our work from a business standpoint; we are filmmakers, first and foremost, and our equipment was bought with hard earned and long saved funds so that we could makeĀ our dreams real. What we’re offering to you, our client base, is the opportunity to take the education, experience, and equipment that we have accumulated over the years and turn them to your advantage. We aren’t going to charge you top dollar because odds are, you’ve already paid top dollar to get your dream off the ground. So let us take care of making your small business commercial, your band’s music video, or your story a reality. We’re here to help, after all.

In short, we offer a few services here at Deuteran:

  • Camerawork- indoor, outdoor, DSLR or camcorder, films or events, our cameras or yours, we’ve got you covered.
  • Sound/ Video Editing and Post Production- Including straight editing services, audio clean-up, DVD authoring and copying, and yes, even color correction services.
  • Photography Services- Videos are just moving pictures, and the skills carry over. We do senior pictures, event photoshoots, and natural world photography.
  • Full Production- This is the big one. The full production, from planning through filming and post production. You need it, we got it. Marketing is on you.

We’re here to help you, not bankrupt you.

Pricing videos is complicated, and put simply, you’re going to get what you pay for. If you want a large scale production with special effects, makeup, and a large cast, those things are going to cost you because the people providing their services are trying to make a living, too. What we can promise, however, is that we’re not going to charge you just because we know you want a product and we need the money. Times are tough these days, and we aren’t the kind of people to leave anybody out in the cold. The easiest way to work out the best price for everybody is to talk it out, so head on over to our contact page and we’ll get down into the details. Even if you’re just looking at Deuteran as an option, we promise to be fair, honest, and transparent about the requirements of your project while doing our best to work out the best deal for everybody.