SomeFriends Studios Update 1

Posted by on Dec 20, 2013 in The Stripboard


First post to the Stripboard in a while, but it’s been a busy interim.

I made a new category under Videos today called SomeFriends Studios (follow the link to get to the page) where I’ll be posting the monthly videos that I’m making for the game design company. Currently, October is live and has received some decent publicity in the past month (it was actually completed in November).

I’m currently mid-edit on November’s video, and it’s coming along, if a bit slowly. The team is at an interesting point right now as far as dynamics go, and I must exert care when shaping the videos, as they have an effect on the team’s morale and drive. I want all of the videos at this stage to be a source of pride for the team because they can see the progress they’ve made, so there’s quite a bit of pressure on the product to be not only as polished as possible, but also for it to be a rallying point for the group when people start to lag or face motivation issues when looking at a mountain of work.

I’m really enjoying working with the team, all and all. My only complaint is that I can’t be there to film the footage. I can come up with shot lists and general rules for the cameramen to follow, but there will always be this nagging feeling that I’m missing something. The way this project should be done, I feel, is that a cameraman needs to basically be living with these people so we can get a comprehensive view of their lives, both personally and in the workplace. It just doesn’t feel like there’s a real connection in a lot of the footage, and I think it’s because the team is still recognizing the presence of the camera and reacting to it. It’s difficult to have to create this connection in post production, but since I enjoy working with the team so much, it’s becoming an easier process as I get to know them.

That’s all for the update, thanks for reading!