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Posted by on Oct 30, 2013 in Recent Posts, The Stripboard


The Changes

Well, I wouldn’t have believed it was possible, but a whole lot has changed in the past day, and while I wasn’t planning on making day-to-day posts to the Stripboard, this is a large enough update to warrant it.

GLASS is going to be delayed because of some unavoidable scheduling issues with our talent. It’s a busy time of the year for him, and it looks likely that we’ll be shooting in December instead of in the coming weeks. Sorry if you were excited to see it sooner rather than later; looks like it’ll be a while.

The NHTV commercial is going to be bumped back as well, probably for another week or so, because of some source footage quality issues that can only be remedied by speaking to some big-wigs who (hopefully) have higher quality video, but unfortunately have very busy schedules, meaning a slow workflow.

What’s New

So, on to what’s new and exciting! This’ll be another big project on a scale similar to Staged, but with a faster production schedule and a more digestible product. Now, it is a bit of a curveball from the usual projects, so bear with me through the post!



A group of game designers (SomeFriends Studios, based out of Chicago) has been working really hard these past five months to get their flagship project, a lovely title going by the name of Evo, off the ground and into the big, wide world of gaming. You can find some more info about the company and Evo either on their brightly colored website or stay up to date with the project as it moves along by liking their Facebook page.

Now, many of you are probably questioning why I’m involved with a project like this. “It’s far, far away from Flagstaff and has next to nothing to do with film” you might say, but this is only be partially true. One of the studio members approached me asking if I’d like to help make a documentary-type show recording the progress the group is going through in making the game, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity, and here’s why:

The company is dynamic and flexible, but has a solid handle on what they’re doing.

The game is well thought out, cared for by all involved, and honestly, it looks like this is going to be absolutely incredible when they’re done with it. I mean, just look at some of the stuff they’ve done so far!



They even have 3D modeling done!



Oh, and the soundtrack? Playlist worthy, believe me. I haven’t been able to stop listening to it all night. I don’t know how kindly they’ll take to you downloading their tracks from SoundCloud, but I wouldn’t hold it against you, because they’re spunky, full of character, and add a depth to their product that will put Evo on par with games like Limbo and Braid if they can nail the marketing.

This lovely explanation of the game isn’t what brought Deuteran to working with SomeFriends, though. The team is where this project carries its most potential, and is what made the entire idea attractive to me. They truly care about what they’re doing, and anybody who knows me or the company knows I’m all about that kind of mentality, passion, and dedication to one’s work.

There will be a short promotional video up in the coming weeks giving you an idea of where they’re going with it right now, but take it from me when I say it’s looking like a heck of a project and a game that’ll be a real blast to play!

Should you choose to get a leg up on my video productions (no hard feelings) you can follow their YouTube channel where they post regular webisodes outlining the team members and progress on the game.

Hopefully this will be the last big update for a bit, but you’ll hear more about Evo and SomeFriends soon enough if you stay tuned!